December 16, 2006

Where have I been?

It feels like I've been running around non-stop since Thanksgiving, and looking back at the calendar, that's actually closer to truth than an exaggeration. Two different volleyball teams, travel for work, training, friends visiting from San Fran, company holiday party... if you're wondering why I haven't posted, that's the story. Life being lived. Also, there's some Dan-news as well...

For several weeks now I've been seeing a lovely lady named Amy, whom I met off We both started somewhat hesitantly, but over time we've grown more comfortable with one another, and are starting to find a nice balance between how busy we each are and making time for... you know... making time.

Two Saturdays ago we had planned on spending a few hours together, when she sheepishly suggested a way to spend the entire day. She knew of a quaint little town up north of the city, where there was this Buddhist temple and it was a pretty drive, and maybe we should do that? It was our first big datey-date, and she very charmingly suggested it with that "it's totally ok if you don't want any part of it, but in case you might..." kinda thing going. I said "Sure, as long as we're not going antiquing or anything." That was of course met with complete silence. "We are, aren't we?" I asked. "Um... yes?" she responded.

Armed with my satellite radio and caffeinated beverages, we set off around noon on the hour long drive up into the Catskills. A fun and pleasant drive with nice conversation, as we began to loosen up around each other. Mostly Amy talked and I listened, which totally works for me. I like it when I'm not required to hold up any part of the conversation, for while I can be a chatty fellow, it's nice to not have to be so. I've a history of dating women who can hold up both ends of a conversation on their own, and while none of those relationships have worked out, I'm sure it's not because of that quality...

As we drove around, working our way through Dutchess county, we came across a little glass-blowing shop and I picked up a nice piece and bought Amy a cute little flowery girlie thing that girls like and men are baffled by. And eventually we found our way to the Buddhist temple.

Amy made a good call about this place, it was terrific. A very large complex with a library, dormitories, bridges and benches and quiet walks and serenity and all the good bits one likes on a trip out of the city. We worked our way about the place, and marveled at the architecture and the giant Buddhas (Amy pointed out there was a particular resemblance between Buddha and myself, a sentiment I decided was a compliment) and we wandered aimlessly awash in religiosity in the midst of Christmastime, yet a religiosity that wasn't Christmasy.

We followed up the temple visit with a nice walk through the town of Cold Spring, and yes, I went antiquing. It was more fun than I expected it would be, I suspect because there was such an unfathomable mass of other people's crap to look through that it transcended boring and became solidly fascinating. And exploring the anonymous history of others brought up some interesting things about each other to talk about as well, so I can't help but think it was a pretty good date-thing to do.

We had a very nice dinner in Cold Spring, then headed back to New York. A lovely day, a lovely date.

After one brief day at work that following Monday, I went into two days of training, and then immediately flew to Los Angeles for some meetings with our west coast folks. This past week has been all about volleyball, and a class I'm taking, and Friday night was our company Holiday party which I always really enjoy. Saturday I spent the day with my family celebrating Hanukah, and Sunday I head to Ontario for a week of skiing...


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