November 29, 2006

Bittersweet Anniversary

Today would have been my beastie's 13th birthday.

It's been just over four months since he went to the bridge, and though I miss him, life has of course continued. Generally the time I most feel the loss is just when I come home - for so many years any return to the apartment was greeted with his rare expressions of excitement, and those first few minutes of bonding after a long day were my favorite time with him.

Walking around the neighborhood bumping into the dog owners with whom I once shared such camaraderie is sometimes jarring as well; the initial awkward conversation as they mention they haven't seen me and Zeke in a while and I explain why... Seeing dog owners meet and greet one another, seeing a new dog on the block - it's a club I was a member of for so many years, yet no longer.

Many people wonder if I'll get another dog, and of course I will - though not for some time to come. I can't imagine life without a dog in the long term, but for the immediate future circumstances conspire against pet-ownership. Any pet ownership, including the cat my parents tried to pawn off on me last month. "Why do you want to give him to me?" I asked. "Because he pukes on everything" my dad replied. Not much of a cat salesman, but Pops gets points for honesty.

Normally for his birthday I would get Zeke a special treat like eggplant pizza, a whopper, or I'd cook him some steak. Of course he had no idea why November 29th was a special day, but then in his mind I've no doubt that he assumed steak or a whopper or his favorite pizza was no less than his due.

Here he is playing with a very wet Hershey, his best pal for many years.

Happy birthday buddy.


At 1:42 PM, Blogger Mr.T said...

Ohhh Happy Birthday Zeekie! Give Hershey a big smoosh for me.


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