November 22, 2006

We're all in this together.... (by "this" I mean getting girls...)

Looking ahead to 2008 is an interesting exercise at this early stage, because the field is still so littered with candidates who haven't yet realized they have already failed.

I'm sure I will be stunned in 18 months as I read about how much money a pre-ordained loser like John Kerry has spent to discover that he isn't nearly as popular in 2008 as he was in 2004, and that he wasn't really all that popular then either. Some obvious choices are looking to jump out ahead and get some early inertia, while others are playing it cool, playing their cards close to the vest.

We're already hearing a lot about Barack Obama, and I admit I don't take him particularly seriously just yet. In general I don't take candidates who come from a Congressional background all that seriously, as they lack executive experience while at the same time they possess a long voting record which can be willfully misinterpreted to an opponent's advantage. Governors may not make better Presidents, but the certainly make better candidates, and there are plenty of hale and hearty governors out there calculating their odds who may yet throw their hat in.

But every now and again something shows up in the news about a candidate that seems to be an authentic window into who they are, and those moments can make or break a candidacy. If they are positive moments, perhaps shedding some healthy, helpful light on the character of a relatively unknown person, they can do more to promote a Presidential bid than a bucket full of prime-time ad buys .

Now, this is not one of those glorious moments, but it is something which resonates with me and I'm suddenly much more of an Obama fan than I had been.

Obama '08, Let a playa play!


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