November 19, 2006

Anyone else bothered by this (Part 3)

Loyal readers, your Chief is not normally one to credit minority blathering about disenfranchisement, marginalization, and discrimination, yet I can't help but point out something which showed up in the news last week.

For your consideration I present two photos. Can you tell which one is the fake AP photo and caption, and which is the real?

You're right, obviously it's the Denny Hastert photo which is fake, because no one comments on what male Congressmen are wearing save for fashion magazines. Which of course means the Nancy Pelosi photo and caption are genuine, and apparently it's just fine to comment on what incoming Speaker Pelosi is wearing. As much as I'd hate to encourage them, this sort of patronization does indeed support the feminist contention that men suck and what not.

On one hand you have giant blob of mendacity Denny Hastert, or bloated sack of hypocrisy Bill Frist, or even horny fat Bill Clinton, and many other questionable human beings whom no one likes and no one finds attractive, and who are not judged on their repulsive appearances because they're men. And on the other hand you have the single most powerful woman in the history of America, who will be third in line for the Presidency, and who despite her many accomplishments still can't get a mention without someone noting what she's wearing to Capitol Hill like showing up to govern is no more significant than walking the red carpet on Oscar night.

I'm proud of the Dems, and of Nancy Pelosi, and even mentioning her outfit in a way that implies that what she's wearing has some bearing on her role as Congresswoman undermines her authority and does a disservice to her, the U.S. government, and the people who elected her and her party. It's nothing but an intentional belittlement of the incoming Speaker of the House, or even worse - the culturally ingrained belittlement of women everywhere.

Now, I'm all for belittling people, but I like to do it based on merit and not gender.


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