April 04, 2007

Dating update -


No dating update, cause I haven't been dating. Honest, I haven't.

After spending nearly a grand on dating in March, I've decided I need to take myself off the market - at least until my tax return comes in. I know many of you will foolishly say things like "let her pay half" (date-suicide and you know it) or do cheaper dates (there's only so many times you can take someone on the Staten Island ferry) but rather than date badly, I'd rather not date at all. I bring the A-game, or don't play; that's just how I roll, yo.

The pool of potential partners is shallow these days anyway, and though I've been thinking about diving back into Jdate, I talk myself out of it each time I get close. It's good being single these days; I really don't have the time to put into a relationship anyway, which is an attitude I have on good authority annoys the crap out of women. I'd hate to end up back in that place again - the "she likes you more than you like her" place that's so familiar to me.

So for those of you living vicariously through my dating life, sorry to disappoint. I'm going to be single and stop dating altogether for a while.

Check in again in May, we'll see what Spring does to this great plan of mine...


At 2:04 PM, Anonymous Amy (Not that Amy, Another Amy) said...

As a woman, I can say, I DO NOT want a man to spend a lot of money on the first few dates.

(third clip)

I know it's supposed to be funny, and it is, but it's what the guy and I are both thinking, and I'm just not willing to enter into that kind of agreement. Thus, I always pay half.

At 12:27 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

As if have said to you many times, you, my dear, are not representative of single women in general. Which is why I wanted to date you so badly. :)


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