February 25, 2007

Quick Prediction

I still haven't gotten around to writing up my Presidential predictions, but before Al Gore sweeps through the Oscars tonight, I'd just like to say - if Inconvenient Truth wins best documentary, he will be able to ride a wave of free publicity through the fall, and enter the race then, with both street cred and money-raising abilities fully intact. If he also wins the Nobel Prize this October, what a resume...

Combine that with a public that will be exhausted by Hillary and Barak slogging through the summer slugging it out, and the ability of the press to finally expose that Obama has little substance and Hilary is just unpleasant on so many levels, Gore can ride in as a White Knight - Anti Bush, whom everyone can get behind.

When things are bad, we like to remember the last time they weren't and try to recreate those circumstances.

Gore 08.

More later...


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