February 25, 2007

Live-Blogging the Oscars

9:38 pm - Leo and Al Gore just left the stage. Come on - how can you not like that guy? Humor, humility, passion, brilliance... People make fun of him because he says things like he invented the internet, which is silly, but he, along with Bill Clinton, is absolutely directly responsible for the financial atmosphere that supported the explosive growth of the internet and the economic boom of the late 90's. Invented, no - but he can certainly take credit.

10:47 - Bring it. I have never felt so strongly about a candidate, or potential candidate, as I do about Al Gore. I have scores of reasons why he is exactly what the nation, and the world, needs right now, and lucky you - you're gonna get to hear all about em over the next few months... :)


At 7:41 PM, Anonymous Amy (Not that Amy, Another Amy) said...

Al Gore never said he invented the internet. Read Al Franken's books--he has the actual quote in one of them, which goes something like, "I fought to pass legislation that funded such-and-such which resulted in the creation of the internet."

At 12:10 AM, Blogger ad7am said...

The joke about how America didn't vote for Jennifer Hudson but did vote for Al Gore was an instant classic — and will remain so.


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