February 05, 2007

Live-blogging Miami

Yes, I'm the guy the flies to Miami the day AFTER the superbowl...

First time here... reminds me a great deal of LA - palm trees, a large hispanic population, and a lot of pink and pastel colors... Weather's actually somewhat chilly and cloudy, all that rain you saw last night on CBS has left the area cool and windy. I'm hoping to bust out my thong and hit the beach at some point, but I may not be able to if it doesn't warm up. That would be a tragedy for everyone nearby.

So many fun responses to my last post. Apparently you all expect me to be impartial or something... or at least some of you do. I have no idea why you would expect me to do something as unnatural as that. I've got skin in the game, people, and I've got certain expectations as well. One of them, and a modest one, is that I expect people to communicate with me as well as I like to think I communicate with them. Apparently many of you believe that may be unrealistic of me, but I won't pander to the lowest common denominator.

I recently broke up with a woman I was seeing because she was playing games - I'd grow interested, she'd grow remote. I'd back off, she won't leave me alone. I start paying more attention to her, she'd get distant again. I'm 37, and even when I was 27 I didn't like messing around with crap like that. I don't ask too much from a partner, but don't fuck with me, ok? You like me, terrific. You don't, I'm fine with that too. But I've always said I'd rather be single than annoyed, and though that's kept me single, I'm an optimist at heart.

So ya, I was pretty annoyed at being held to expectations that Amy wasn't holding herself to. And I happen to have a blog to vent through, so lucky me. And lucky you!


At 11:10 AM, Blogger Mr.T said...

Glad I read this before lunch time. Pictures of a thong hidden by ass hair just would have been a little to much.

At 11:30 AM, Anonymous Elise said...

Paul is in Miami on business too, actually he is on a plane now, but he will be there soon.

The important part of that argument about your last post was the "as well as I like to think I communicate with other people." I know that's not a direct quote.

If the same problem keeps coming up for you again and again, maybe the problem isn't with "all women" but with "Dan" Just a thought. ;)

You know I love you.

At 6:26 PM, Anonymous Amy (Not that Amy, Another Amy) said...

Hear, hear, Elise.

Maybe, Dan, you're not so adept at the whole communicating-with-women thing. If you were so great at it, Amy wouldn't have been confused in the first place.

Stop blaming! You had a miscommunication--it happens--you both got upset. Now practice making it up to each other in the most erotic way possible.

At 10:16 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

Are you trying to suggest that the one thing all my failed relationships have in common is *me*? That can't possibly be relevant, can it?

At 11:10 AM, Anonymous Elise said...

So, did you take Amy's advice and make it up to eachother? Where's the follow up?

At 11:12 AM, Anonymous Elise said...

Oh and... the answer to your question is yes, that is what I was suggesting. But I will also concede that the other common factor is that all these relationships have been with women. But unless you are planning to explore other options, I dont see how THAT is ever going to change. So the changing- ball my be in your court.


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