July 19, 2006

Checking in...

So much happening in the world, so many things to address... the Middle East, global warming, our President's first veto, our President being, alas, a moron, Project Runway...

As if this week wasn't eventful enough, we've been without power in my little section of Queens since late Monday evening. I'm being a prince, handling it with dignity and aplomb as you would all expect. I'm not complaining at all, because, you know, it's totally not in my nature to say something like "how the hell can we not have air conditioning in America in 2006, what is this, Beirut?" and "no TV and no internet makes Homer something-something..."

I'll continue my writing on these and other subjects shortly; I've a bit more to say about my dog first...


At 3:42 PM, Blogger ad7am said...

Hey Butthead,

Just in case you haven't gotten my voicemails, I'll leave this here: you're welcome to stay in my dad's now-available condo until your electricity returns... or as long as you like. It's fully furnished & a.c.'ed, and an easy commute. Let me know.

a d a m


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