June 29, 2006

Little Victories

What you need to know:
Our base at Guantanamo hasn't caused the kind of public furor that I would suspect it might, especially from the left. Thankfully, today the Supreme Court took a stand against the creeping power of the executive branch by deeming the military tribunals held there unconstitutional. It's being touted as a blow to the President, but so far it's nothing but an official slap on the wrist. Our President, more than any other in history, has evaded or flatly defied laws that are intended to curb his nearly-dictatorial powers, so there's very little reason to celebrate what so far is nothing more than a chastisement.

The ruling does not demand the release of prisoners held at Guantanamo but gives the administration an opportunity to come up with another way of trying those held. - BBC News

It's mildly good news none the less. It shows us that the Supreme Court has not yet completely rolled over for the White House. Through lost integrity and ideological bias, we can count on our Supreme Court to defend the constitution less and less with each new Bush appointment - yet today they barked back, even if just a little bit.


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