March 15, 2008

Airline Rant Part 2

I arrived last Sunday from San Fran landing at JFK at 9:35pm. I arrived home at 11:45pm. The cab ride was 20 minutes. The other hour and fifty minutes was spent doing this:

That's a picture of us waiting for our luggage. For nearly two hours. Without any information from Delta regarding where our luggage was. Since we were there, we were reasonably confident that our plane had in fact landed in New York City. So was our luggage not on the plane? Or was it still on the plane waiting to be unloaded? Or had it been sent somewhere else?

Now, for the record, there was indeed plenty of luggage there - just not our luggage. There was luggage from a Boston flight flight for instance, that had been circling the carousel for an hour before handlers finally removed it to a remote corner.

Somewhere (in Boston, I suspect) there were a number of people wondering where THEIR bags were. Had there been a "have you seen my luggage" website, I would have let them know their missing bags were enjoying a holiday in NYC. For the first time in recent memory I had sympathy and felt connection with strangers in Boston, as opposed to the hatred I feel for their baseball fans or the gleeful joy with which I contemplate their loser football fans.

Nearly two hours to get our luggage off a plane and into our hands on a Sunday night. Like my experience with Men's Wearhouse, let me iterate - the last interaction we have with your business will be our most memorable. If you can't stick the ending, you've blown it.

So this will be a brief rant, simple and direct: fuck you Delta. Fuck you straight to hell.


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