January 24, 2008

Al Gore - unplugged

Over the past 18 months as I've tauted my firm belief that Al Gore should be our next President (not to mention our current one) I've been prepared to put my money where my mouth is, should he enter the race. Just say the world Al, I'm on your team.

Despite my sadness and concern for the welfare of the entire human race following his lack of candidacy, after watching Hilary and Obama settle into the same old routine of being total assholes to each other, and after seeing the slow diminishment of the once-great Bill Clinton as he morphs into a mean little propoganda troll, I've rethought my disappointment a bit.

I'm glad Al Gore isn't running. Because he's able to do things like this, with no pandering, no spinning, no worrying about how it will play, how it will affect his campaign contributions... Of course at the same time, this is exactly why I'm such a supporter (and I remind you, have been since spring of 1988)

With no fanfare, merely because he was asked his opinion, here's Al's take on gay marriage in America:

Though a deeply religious man, Al recognizes that people forming monogamous pair bonds is good for society regardless of their orientation, and so the government -- though it need not endorse gay marriage -- should not stand in the way.

Yet another reason why the theft of his Presidency is one of the most tragic occurrences in modern history, and not just for America, but for the entire world.

Here's a little more on why I love Gore, written by a contributor at Huffpost:

He says what needs to be said without fear, without posturing. He leads. He succeeds in the worlds of politics, business, and diplomacy. He reads and writes history. He has access to the smartest people on the planet. He has a loving, close-knit family who are his best friends. He rose from the politically dead in 2000, left behind by his "friends" who thought he could no longer help them, having lost an election to thieves.
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At 12:34 PM, Anonymous Liana said...

"having lost an election to thieves"... THIEVES! Imagining a post 9-11 world if Al were in charge at the time makes me weep.


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