January 20, 2008

3rd Tyne's the Charm!

For a NY sports fan, after a NY team winning, the penultimate greatest possible result of any sporting contest is the team from Boston losing. Any team. Any sport. Boston losing is such a satsifying consolation to New Yorkers, it is like a magic healing salve of nearly all emotional wounds that might ail us.

All through-out the playoffs my most fervent wish was that the Patriots would keep winning, making it to the super bowl with their perfect season intact only to blow their miracle season at the last possible step. Rather than an insufferable record that would last for years, Boston'll instead be saddled with the "almost-perfect" season, the choke, the football equivalent of the Buckie-Ball, yet another great sports indignity that would leave their men broken, their ego's crushed, with the lamentation of their women crying to the heavens for some relief of the shameful indignity of failure that their pathetic half-men subjected them too. "Whaaah, I was a sixth round draft pick, whhhaaaaaaaah" Fuck off, Tom Brady, go knock up another supermodel and whine about everything being so horrible for you.

That it has come to pass that it could very well be the NY Football Giants who could bring about my fondest wish ushering in a future of happiness, sunshine, and bunnies (for everyone but Patriots fans), it's just too delicious to describe. NY winning and the Pats losing? Ahhhhhhh...

Considering their record (and their quarterback) I hadn't even considered it a possibility that the Giants might beat the Packers this week... What a recovery for the guy who was almost the Charlie Brown of NY football for the rest of his life, Lawrence Tynes. He couldn't make two relatively simple field goals, yet he made the extraordinary final one for the win and so will be spared the horrible pasting th NY Post and Daily News would have given him.

Instead, tomorrow's NY Post headline will be something like 3rd Tyne's the Charm, and this guy can show his face in the tri-state area with pride rather than fear.

Such a crazy turn of events, Dallas, Green Bay, and Indianapolis all taken out... Though I can't say I've been much of a Giants fan this season, I do tend to root for NY over everyone else and more importantly I've been a rabid, avid, anti-Patriots fan for years. So let's go Giants!


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