February 03, 2008

The Giants Win the Pennant! The Giants Win the Pennant!

I honestly don't know which is sweeter, the surprising Giants win or the surprising Patriots loss. I mean, I take such pleasure in both separately, having them combine - equaling oh so much more than the sum of their parts - it's almost too difficult to calculate the amount of pleasure I'm feeling at the moment.

I mean, it's almost as much pleasure as I took in 1978 as a young Yankee fan...

Or as much as I experienced in 1986 as a certain ball went through a certain first baseman's legs...

But this... this is so delicious...

It's another grand choke for Boston. Yes, yes, I know the losers (see or see also "Boston Fans") will say "But we won the World Series twice in the past 100 years, or we won three Super Bowls in the past six months!" or some other pathetic attempt to salve their shattered egos, but at the end of the day 2007 will forevermore be known as the "nearly-perfect season" each time it comes up, and I'll make sure it comes up very often.

Had Green Bay or the Cowboys or the Colts beat them, it would have been nice, but not nearly as nice as the fifth seed, lowly Giants. The Yankees are avenged... Now if only Giselle dumps the whiny loser boy and by next week Tom's lucky if he can get a date with Natalie from Facts of Life... well, my joy will be complete.

Oh, and Broadway2Boston - we've now added another name for your son. Now he should be "Eli Buckner Dent Manning." Make sure you let Mark know... :)


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