January 03, 2008

Brushes with Fame

I remember once when I was very young, about seven or so, I was watching a movie on TV with my Mom when she recognized the name of a high school friend in the opening credits. That moment stuck with me, as I was very taken with the idea that you could actually know somebody who was on TV or in the movies.

Though my particular efforts in showbiz didn't result in fame, I've several friends and acquaintances that have gone on to some notoriety, and it's rare that a week will go by without some experience of fame-by-association. For instance, driving home tonight I pulled up behind an SUV with a DVD player, and was close enough to note the movie playing in their front seat was Maid in Manhattan which co-starred Marissa Matrone.

Though I haven't seen Marissa since 1992, I've no doubt that if she's ever interviewed by Jay Leno, she'd note that her experience being directed by me in a one act in 1989 was a pivotal moment in her training...


At 6:35 PM, Blogger Luvviepuffaroo said...

You know why this is so funny to me? Because the night I met you a preview for Maid in Manhattan came on and you said "Oh My God! I directed Marissa in a one act in 1989!" And I thought "Ah-ha ... a director". And then you said something about the place where you worked, and I thought "Ah-ha! An editor!" And then you said nothing about a woman and I said "Ah-ha! He's available!" And (of course) you were not a dirctor, you were not an editor, and you were not ... pause for sardonic chuckle ... you were NOT available. As you are never quite and totally always available. Anyway ...
So, while you never became my director, or my editor, or my "boyfriend" you did become a really great part of the jumble of my days. So, thanks Marissa, wherever you are ... and thank you too.


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