June 10, 2007

These griefs and losses...

The Spring Awakening juggernaut continues to roll on, but the second Tony nomination I was hoping would convert to a win alas didn't transpire. Unfortunately Liev Schreiber didn't pick up Best Actor in a Play for Talk Radio this evening.

I'm a fan of Liev's work and of Liev, who was in a play with me back in 1989 -- yes, I know he's a Tony winner and multiple nominee, but he was in the Merchant of Venice with me; as was Jeff Donovan and Kate Wilson.

I've no expectation that Liev remembers me at all, or if so, it would be in a hazy sort of "well, sure, I know some short hairy Jew played Lancelot - was that you?" kind of way, but I remember him well. He was very talented even at age 22 prior to his work at Yale and RADA (he was a Hampshire College senior at the time) and he had a bawdy sense of humor and bold self-confidence of which I was in awe.

Should I ever happen to make it onto Jay Leno or Conan, I hope Liev can be there as well, because I have a heck of a funny story to tell about my dear Mr. Schreiber and some gastro-intestinal distress he experienced during one of our performances...


At 11:18 AM, Blogger Mari said...

You seem to love your job so much, Dan...

Do you ever wish that instead you'd become the Jewish Paul Giamatti?

I'll never forget your student teaching dramatics :) Happy memories :)

At 11:29 AM, Blogger Daniel said...

My parents instilled me in the belief that I could do anything, but alas, not the capacity to do everything.

I often think about that path, but then I remember - eh, I wasn't really all *that* good anyway :)


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