August 29, 2006

The podium. After school. Bring friends.

Oh my god, I love this story, though it is an indictment against President Bush. It bespeaks of how low the American Presidency has fallen in the eyes of the world...

Ahmadinejad Challenges Bush to a TV Debate

TEHRAN (Reuters) - President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Tuesday challenged President Bush to a televised debate and voiced defiance as a deadline neared for Iran to halt work the West fears is a step toward building nuclear bombs.

"Peaceful nuclear energy is the right of the Iranian nation. The Iranian nation has chosen that based upon international regulations, it wants to use it and no one can stop it," he told a news conference.

The White House said Ahmadinejad's call for a presidential debate on global concerns was a "diversion" from international concerns over Iran's nuclear program.

It's not merely Bush's deficiencies that would make a debate problematical for us. What could Bush counter with, anyway? "We don't think you can enjoy nuclear technology without accidentally on purpose blowing Israel up, killing another 6 million Jews in a second holocaust even though you don't actually believe the first one happened?" What we all know to be true doesn't actually make for stellar debating points.

But everyone knows that's not our real problem here, because everyone knows our American Great Satan President isn't up to the task. Ahmadinejad has absolutely no fear that he can best Bush in a war of intellect and words. How embarrassing for us, that Bush is the man who we've sent to the world's stage to represent us.

Ahmadinejad wouldn't have pulled this kind of shit with Al Gore, no way, no how. No one fucks with Al Gore. Unfortunately, you get the leadership you deserve.


At 11:35 AM, Blogger Mr.T said...

Word! Bush probably couldn't even pronounce his name.


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